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Seek your happiness in the Lord, and He will give you your heart's desire. Psalm 37:4

February 22, 2014
by Kath

Anting Anting

It was a lessons learned when I experienced that I mistakenly brought this Anting Anting (bullet wrapped in red toil) in Boracay. I don’t actually consider it as for good luck or it can keep me safe or protected. I always bring it with me as a valuable gift I got from my father. At first, I was so hesitant to surrender it to the officials in the airport in Kalibo, because of sentimental reasons, but since, I was informed about the gun ban and the officials who called my attention that they have to confiscate it or I will be left in the airport. I surrender my Anting Anting even I know that such valuable gift will no longer be seen. I will always remember how and why my father gave this to me.

As far as I remember, after 15 minutes of questioning, I was allowed to leave the area and went to the waiting area for my flight back to Manila along with my husband, my mom and my sister. I am sharing this to you guys, so you maybe aware specially on international flights. It may save you from any trouble brought by this Anting Anting in bullet form.

Looking back, I realized that God knows what really is best for me. He wants me to rely on Him more than any Anting Anting or gift from a loved one. God needed me to surrender to him and trust in His supremacy because whether I admit it or not, we humans, tends to rely on things because of superstitious beliefs and traditions forgetting that everything belongs to God instead of directly relying on The living God where everything emanates.

February 21, 2014
by Kath

Ambulance in Barangay

Just recently after seven years after my father died, that I learned, that Barangay have their own ambulance free of charge, in good condition with bed and oxygen, and 24 hours available that will help their constituents in times of emergency specially those who cannot afford to pay Php 2,500 to Php 3,500 price range of private companies who offered such services. Most of the time, hospital’s ambulance are not available and with charges.

I am quite unsure though if every Barangay in major cities and provinces have ambulances. Certainly to have ambulance in Barangay is a big help for indigents and people who’s finances are very limited. My husband and I were one of the recipients of this ambulance in Brgy. Pasong Buaya II, Imus, Cavite when my father in law needed to be brought in the hospital urgently.

In case you needed free ambulance, you might check first in your respective Barangay before availing private services.

It’s good to know that somehow, Barangay is there to help us. :) Continue Reading →

January 13, 2014
by Kath

Dropbox Experience

My Dropbox experience is awesome!

Before, I usually ignore staffs in my phone that I am not aware of nor I am not sure if its real and indeed working. Someone invited me through email to use Dropbox and got curious what it is all about. From there I was able to enjoy its benefits. It syncs all the photos and  documents wherever I am and serve as a back up as well. Pulling them in just one place when needed. All I did is to download this application into my android phone, laptop and tablet. With only internet connection, every important details wherever you are, is easy, fast, and manageable.

Try it yourself. It would be fun. :)


January 6, 2014
by Kath

2014 SSS Contribution Hike

This is not a very positive news to start the year but as employee, I have no choice but to see what this SSS New Contribution rate starting this January of 2014 would impact my budget. Additional expense again imposed by government. I am hoping that someday, I can feel as well by every Filipino specially the poorest of the poor that all this contributions imposed by the government are going to the right places. A truly deserved services and great facilities that each member should enjoy.


SSS 2014

November 9, 2013
by Kath

Yolanda’s Over

As I woke up today, it’s still gloomy but somehow I can see that Yolanda’s wrath is finally over. I heard over the news that this worst typhoon of 2013 has tremendously devastated affected regions in the Visayas specially in Tacloban, Leyte and Samar. Though Our location experience signal number 1, I am saddened but am grateful to God for keeping my family safe.

Thank you LORD, that finally another storm has passed. I deeply pray for all my brothers and sisters in the affected areas to bless them and fill them with hope that in spite of loss in property and loved once, the courage to move forward and go on with their lives will be their greatest motivation. May we as a Filipino people go hand in hand in helping each other, uplifting and encouraging our less fortunate brethren. I may not be able to give huge amount necessary to buy basic needs but I believe that when many little things come together, it will definitely will go along way.

I pray for unity, peace, hope, faith and love in these difficult times once again just a few days after an earthquake, stricken Bohol with the greatest damage with 7.2 magnitude last October 15. Life is indeed full of mysteries but behind all of these blessings and curses, God knows and sees the deepest thoughts of our hearts.

May God bless our beloved country….


June 12, 2013
by Kath

Happy 115th Independence Day!

FREEDOM!!!! Just like in “Brave Heart” movie of Mel Gibson…. I am thankful for all the heroes who died for the freedom that generations of today are enjoying and for the future generations to come…. It matters to me the history of my country and I know I have that obligation to make this “freedom” to be exercised for our own good and betterment of each lives of every Filipino. Not to abuse it and bring someone down with words that are no longer self seeking but self destroying.

As I was reading the status in my facebook, this quote from my friend Ochie that strucked me the most. Allow me to share it with you…

Those things she enumerated are also my deepest dreams for my country… and one thing I pray to God is to touch each Filipinos’ heart to Honor God more than any material things, power, and other selfishness. May God bless our country…

June 8, 2013
by Kath

DeLuxe Bus Experience

It was raining hard and we were supposed to be going to Victory Liner terminal as our ride going to Baguio. It took a different turn when the rain never stopped and Genesis terminal was just near so we decided to take Deluxe bus of Genesis.

Our very first experience was great. It only took us four hours and we safely landed in our destination… Baguio!

Below is the list of benefits in paying Php 685.00 per head from Pasay via Baguio trip:

1. Four hours trip

2. No bus stops for urinating since there’s comfort room in the bus

3. Bottled water, three biscuits and a magazine were provided for take home in case you won’t be able to consume.

4. A small bed sheet was provided as self warmer in case you were unable to bring jackets or you are lazy getting it in your backpack.

5. Comfortable stretching seat to sleep on

I must say, it is indeed a great experience. I would try it next time :) Need to save more to try new different things in life ;)

Deluxe Bus Give Aways

May 21, 2013
by Kath

My Alcatel Ultra IDOL

My 30months lock in period in SUN Cellular is now renewable and I was able to get Alcatel Ultra IDOL for plan 450 with cash out of PHp 7,000. It’s a micro sim so I paid Php 115, to replace the sim with the same number.

Alcatel Ultra IDOL is originally plan 999 and what attracts me about this phone is that it was used in the IRON MAN 3 film. I am an avid fan of Iron Man and I believe most of you agree that it is indeed an awesome and great movie. And that is the reason why I chose it in replacement of my ericcson phone. I believe on the movie’s credibility endorsing a product knowing how advanced the film is, in terms of technology. Real like action pack film J. The value for money is satisfying since I am on plan 450, not bad. High end phones like Samsung and IPhone are definitely a must haves but practically my budget won’t allow me.

I was so excited about this phone :). It’s my first time to have an Alcatel phone and so far I like it because of many features that most high end phones have. I tested the sounds, camera and call features and they all work perfectly fine. At first, I thought the quality of the voice is low because as my husband and I talk over the phone, he seems so far but when I updated the firmware, the quality of the voice became so clear. Good enough and no regrets I chose it. I am not a techie person but having a phone like this is already a blessing. I am contented with what it can deliver and all the things I needed are there but of course if there’s one thing that this phone can’t handle is a long battery life. I can deal with that since all android phones are like that, right? Another thing, I have to be careful in handling this phone because it’s quite thin ;). I do hope this phone can serve me well and I can take care of it well too :D

Oops before I forget, this phone has a free screen protector as part of its package and user friendly. Nice!

DSC00536 DSC00538 DSC00539 DSC00540


May 19, 2013
by Kath

First Wedding Anniversary!

A simple and memorable celebration for a couple who just celebrated their first wedding anniversary. Happiness fill their hearts as they bond together which they never did for a couple of months now due to hectic schedules and thank God for this wonderful day. :)

Almighty Father, we praise and honor you for the year that was and bountiful blessings in our married life. We ask for you continuous guidance and presence as we continue our journey together filled with so much love, hope and faith. Bless our relationship and pour out wisdom in our minds and our hearts to bring peace, serenity and harmony in our lives and bring glory to you LORD. In Jesus name, Amen.

IMG_20130519_220425 IMG_20130519_180527 IMG_20130519_172121

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