Manila Ocean Park Tickets

I was able to buy Manila Ocean Park Tickets at the price of Php 500 with an original price of Php 1,200. Saving 60% is already enough for the value of money spent. I really thank God for this opportunity to buy at a more affordable amount and value added services that entails the ticket.  It is not only the Oceanarium that children and adults could enjoy as well as Jellies, Fish Spa, Marine Life Shows, Marine Life Habitat, and Musical Fountain. If just in case all the tabs are unused within the day, it is still possible to go back and use the remaining tab/s. Tickets are valid till December 31, 2011.

See You Soon!

I actually ignored this notice from our HR that they have tied up with the Manila Ocean Park in commemorating Women’s International Month where tickets are being sold at a lesser price. But when I saw the ticket itself, I felt the excitement and saw the smile that my nephews and niece could have. I have this urge to surprise my family especially my niece and nephews. I immediately called my elder sister and ask her if it’s fine to buy for the whole family, and so when I received her confirmation, I immediately bought 13 tickets. It’s quite costly but my siblings are there to support me on this hahaha. We seldom go out like this and I think it’s a bit fair to enjoy God’s creation and beauty plus the happiness that I could see in the eyes of my eldest brother’s sons and daughter. It’s priceless!

There’s no rush to be in the Manila Ocean Park within the month 🙂 though I know that my niece and nephews will surely be excited upon knowing this. My siblings and I still have time to prepare for expected and unexpected expenses. We would like to surprise them with this new adventure. See you soon Manila Ocean Park! 😀

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