A Chemotherapy Experience

Chemotherapy is the usual treatment for all cancer patients. My oncologist, said that it can cure cancer 99% but still with 1% remaining. Though it is not an assurance that the risk of coming back is zero still oncologists would prescribe taking them as their patient’s meds in curing cancer.

There are various negative results in choosing chemo therapy. It will lower a person’s immune system, because it will not only kill bad cells but as well as the good once, it will lower blood platelet counts that sometime may lead to confinement by which the patient should have enough nutrients before taking it for her body’s sustenance.

With my experience I believe that body’s tolerance of chemotherapy varies on every patient. Our bodies are different from one another and how it can adapt to the condition. As for me I stopped after one session because I felt my body is deteriorating and if I won’t stop, I may die in pain. It is something that I really don’t want to happen. Chemotherapy has brought so much physical pain on my body unlike other patients that I have interviewed. The usual effects with all other patients are vomiting, nausea, the skin surrounding finger nails and foot nails darkens, weak body, pale, losing hair which will lead to baldness, and losing appetite. I experienced all of this and never have I heard the worst which I suffered which was having sores all over my mouth down to my throat. An allergy has occupied my mouth internally and externally which is very hard for me to eat and talk. Its unexplainable suffering that I don’t want to experience again so I stopped. The oncologist who first administered Chemo in PGH was transferred to other location so I was assigned to another oncologist, I told her that it will be the first and the last and I told her why. She said that perhaps they need to change the formula the reason I have experience that hardest part. That’s when I think that its human error, though I am not taking it against the first oncologist. It just makes me think that it doesn’t matter anymore if chemo can cure me or not. I would rather take other alternatives. All of us will die right, just depends on God if He will take away mine. I just don’t want to feel that pain again. It’s risky yes, but with God within me, I believe God’s healing power is greatest among any doctors or medicines in the world.

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