What to Expect for Philippine Economy in 2050?

2050 as we say is a far future to think about right? But just recently, I saw an article published in CNN about World’s top economies in 2050 will be…I was amazed how HSBC can easily determine the status of each country’s economy for the next forty years. I wonder how they came up with it and so brave to publish it so boldly. It said that Philippines ranked number 16, a +27 higher compared in 2010 rank! That is a very inspiring news! I believe it’s possible! If only leaders will let go of their greed of power and corrupting minds :D.

Nonetheless, I was thinking if I am still alive to see that day that my beloved country is able to make it again on top, competing ideals for Filipinos welfare and  with God as always in the heart of every Filipino people. I love to see that as our country progresses every good values and God fearing nature will never be forgotten but will be treasured and practiced.

May our Heavenly Father protect our country, our values and our God fearing nature when that day comes…. To be great, successful and rich in worldly things could most of the time lead us to forget what matters most in our life, God and our relationships. Let’s keep praying for our future…

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  1. Jude Domingo

    I just heard on an American online radio that Philippines is now considered as the no.1 God fearing nation in the whole world! God is surely blessing the Philippines!

    1. Kath (Post author)

      Hi Jude, so delighted to know that, thank you!


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