My Alcatel Ultra IDOL

My 30months lock in period in SUN Cellular is now renewable and I was able to get Alcatel Ultra IDOL for plan 450 with cash out of PHp 7,000. It’s a micro sim so I paid Php 115, to replace the sim with the same number.

Alcatel Ultra IDOL is originally plan 999 and what attracts me about this phone is that it was used in the IRON MAN 3 film. I am an avid fan of Iron Man and I believe most of you agree that it is indeed an awesome and great movie. And that is the reason why I chose it in replacement of my ericcson phone. I believe on the movie’s credibility endorsing a product knowing how advanced the film is, in terms of technology. Real like action pack film J. The value for money is satisfying since I am on plan 450, not bad. High end phones like Samsung and IPhone are definitely a must haves but practically my budget won’t allow me.

I was so excited about this phone :). It’s my first time to have an Alcatel phone and so far I like it because of many features that most high end phones have. I tested the sounds, camera and call features and they all work perfectly fine. At first, I thought the quality of the voice is low because as my husband and I talk over the phone, he seems so far but when I updated the firmware, the quality of the voice became so clear. Good enough and no regrets I chose it. I am not a techie person but having a phone like this is already a blessing. I am contented with what it can deliver and all the things I needed are there but of course if there’s one thing that this phone can’t handle is a long battery life. I can deal with that since all android phones are like that, right? Another thing, I have to be careful in handling this phone because it’s quite thin ;). I do hope this phone can serve me well and I can take care of it well too 😀

Oops before I forget, this phone has a free screen protector as part of its package and user friendly. Nice!

DSC00536 DSC00538 DSC00539 DSC00540


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