DeLuxe Bus Experience

It was raining hard and we were supposed to be going to Victory Liner terminal as our ride going to Baguio. It took a different turn when the rain never stopped and Genesis terminal was just near so we decided to take Deluxe bus of Genesis.

Our very first experience was great. It only took us four hours and we safely landed in our destination… Baguio!

Below is the list of benefits in paying Php 685.00 per head from Pasay via Baguio trip:

1. Four hours trip

2. No bus stops for urinating since there’s comfort room in the bus

3. Bottled water, three biscuits and a magazine were provided for take home in case you won’t be able to consume.

4. A small bed sheet was provided as self warmer in case you were unable to bring jackets or you are lazy getting it in your backpack.

5. Comfortable stretching seat to sleep on

I must say, it is indeed a great experience. I would try it next time 🙂 Need to save more to try new different things in life 😉

Deluxe Bus Give Aways

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