Yolanda’s Over

As I woke up today, it’s still gloomy but somehow I can see that Yolanda’s wrath is finally over. I heard over the news that this worst typhoon of 2013 has tremendously devastated affected regions in the Visayas specially in Tacloban, Leyte and Samar. Though Our location experience signal number 1, I am saddened but am grateful to God for keeping my family safe.

Thank you LORD, that finally another storm has passed. I deeply pray for all my brothers and sisters in the affected areas to bless them and fill them with hope that in spite of loss in property and loved once, the courage to move forward and go on with their lives will be their greatest motivation. May we as a Filipino people go hand in hand in helping each other, uplifting and encouraging our less fortunate brethren. I may not be able to give huge amount necessary to buy basic needs but I believe that when many little things come together, it will definitely will go along way.

I pray for unity, peace, hope, faith and love in these difficult times once again just a few days after an earthquake, stricken Bohol with the greatest damage with 7.2 magnitude last October 15. Life is indeed full of mysteries but behind all of these blessings and curses, God knows and sees the deepest thoughts of our hearts.

May God bless our beloved country….


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