Ambulance in Barangay

Just recently after seven years after my father died, that I learned, that Barangay have their own ambulance free of charge, in good condition with bed and oxygen, and 24 hours available that will help their constituents in times of emergency specially those who cannot afford to pay Php 2,500 to Php 3,500 price range of private companies who offered such services. Most of the time, hospital’s ambulance are not available and with charges.

I am quite unsure though if every Barangay in major cities and provinces have ambulances. Certainly to have ambulance in Barangay is a big help for indigents and people who’s finances are very limited. My husband and I were one of the recipients of this ambulance in Brgy. Pasong Buaya II, Imus, Cavite when my father in law needed to be brought in the hospital urgently.

In case you needed free ambulance, you might check first in your respective Barangay before availing private services.

It’s good to know that somehow, Barangay is there to help us. 🙂

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