Anting Anting

It was a lessons learned when I experienced that I mistakenly brought this Anting Anting (bullet wrapped in red toil) in Boracay. I don’t actually consider it as for good luck or it can keep me safe or protected. I always bring it with me as a valuable gift I got from my father. At first, I was so hesitant to surrender it to the officials in the airport in Kalibo, because of sentimental reasons, but since, I was informed about the gun ban and the officials who called my attention that they have to confiscate it or I will be left in the airport. I surrender my Anting Anting even I know that such valuable gift will no longer be seen. I will always remember how and why my father gave this to me.

As far as I remember, after 15 minutes of questioning, I was allowed to leave the area and went to the waiting area for my flight back to Manila along with my husband, my mom and my sister. I am sharing this to you guys, so you maybe aware specially on international flights. It may save you from any trouble brought by this Anting Anting in bullet form.

Looking back, I realized that God knows what really is best for me. He wants me to rely on Him more than any Anting Anting or gift from a loved one. God needed me to surrender to him and trust in His supremacy because whether I admit it or not, we humans, tends to rely on things because of superstitious beliefs and traditions forgetting that everything belongs to God instead of directly relying on The living God where everything emanates.

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