Cheers to Another Year!

My last post was February of 2014. And after more than a year of absence in a blog world, finally I’m back on my feet and my hands are now ready to write more personal and intimate stories that I can share. I missed writing 🙂 . Its been awhile. So many things to tell about not just on my own personal life but also on what’s happening around the world.

More than anything else, as my comeback article… let me start with “Happy Birthday to Me!” 🙂 Yes, its my birthday today!

Each year, whenever my birthday comes, you just don’t know how thankful I am to our Almighty Father for another year! It is indeed a rich blessing to stay alive, experience new things, fulfilling long lost dreams, meeting wonderful people and be friends with them, get up after a hard hit from the back, learning from mistakes, having the courage to stand up for what is right, having that chance to always change for the better, fulfill duties at home and task at the office, collecting memories with my ever loving and supportive husband, relish relationships with my family, friends, office mates, neighbors and community, and most importantly having that intimate and personal relationship with the One who created all things, our Living God.

Those are just some of the infinite blessings of life. So many that I can’t enumerate them all here. One thing is certain, I am happy for what life brings to me now. I appreciate all the good and the bad. I am so thankful that I have given another year to live in spite of my imperfections. So happy that I can hug, kiss and serve my husband each day. So happy to feel God’s presence in my life through all the positive people surrounding me. So happy to be in a community who will remind me how I should live my life towards others. So happy that I am in this stage of my adult life where I can say, this is where I wanted to be. My life is not perfect, but I came to this point where God leads me to feel contentment as I pursue my dreams and be a blessing to others.

I just love where I am right now. Living a simple life with God’s ever abiding protection along with the people I care about, do things I ever wanted, and believing that ” I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Thank you Father God, for the grace, hope, love and mercy. I am blessed to have known YOU as I journey the life you wanted me to be. You are amazing GOD!

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