Thank You

This page is about the gratitude that I felt to God and to all the people who played a very significant part in whatever circumstances in my life. Let’s just say that this is my way of honoring them and to express how thankful I am in all the things they have done for me whether great or small.

Count your blessings….name them one by one….count your many blessings and see what God hath done!

I will give thanks to the LORD with all my heart; I will tell of all Thy wonders. (Psalms 9:1 NASB)

Every good thing bestowed and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation, or shifting shadow. (James 1:17 NASB)

In everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. (1 Thessalonians 5:18 NASB)

Thank you God for all the blessings:

  1. For the gift of life
  2. For good health
  3. For the gift of Family
  4. For the gift of Friendship
  5. For the gift of Community
  6. For the gift of Sisterhood and Brotherhood
  7. For the work that I have
  8. For providing my needs
  9. For being the source of my joy
  10. For the gift of Salvation
  11. For comforting me amidst adversities
  12. For protecting me and my family, keeping us safe always
  13. For forgiving me in spite of my infinite faults
  14. For loving me unconditionally
  15. For sending people to help me grow spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially
  16. For all the trials that I have been through and help me put a fair fight in all my struggles
  17. For things left unsaid that changed my life and made me a better person
  18. For the sense of sight that I am able to see the beauty of His wonderful creations
  19. For the sense of taste, that I can appreciate the food that am eating
  20. For the sense of hearing, that I can hear the melodies of music
  21. For the sense of touch, that I can feel the breeze of winds, the blaze of sun and the affection of my loved ones
  22. For good weather
  23. For raining
  24. For answered prayers
  25. For unanswered prayers
  26. For making me realize my mistakes
  27. For the favorable result of colonoscopy
  28. For the time to rest after a load of work

There are infinite lists to be thankful to God,words and numbers are not enough, I may not enumerate them all but all I can say is that God is so Big. He loves me! Thank you LORD!

To my family, my father Armando Flores, though he is no longer around, I miss you! To my mother Luz Flores and to my siblings Leandro, Laurie Grace, Sharone and Paula Andrea, thank you for the unconditional love. They are my wind beneath my wings. I really appreciate your time and effort in taking care of me when my body is weak. Who never gets tired of understanding me and supporting me.

To my mentor in making this site possible, thank you so much Celeste Luna for all your help and sharing the knowledge that you have.

To my first Action Group leaders Rose Tan Zamora, Grace Roxas and Grace Pagcu and mates April Gamil, Raine Momhot, Apple Rances, Nicole Ledesma, and Mia Logica, who continuously praying for me and the source of my spiritual strength during those tough battle, thank you. (Apr 2009-Sept 2010)

To my second Action Group Maya Piquero, Matelle Rivera, my AGLS and agmates Sherlyn Ng, Cris Villadolid, Reby Cunada, Raine Momhot and Mia Logica. (Sept 2010-2011)

To my community, Lingkod ng Panginoon, thank you for all the prayers and support I have received. I am in gratitude to you all.

To you AA and who anonymously helped me financially, I honor you for your generosity and love. You know who you are! May God bless you more with your kindness.

To my Household sisters: Anna Camitan, Soc Gumnad, Jocelyn Castillo, Wylene Lim, Aileen Galimpin, Rose Asis, Apple Rances, Mary Grace Flores, Bing Jandayran, Sherlyn Ng, and Ochie Mendoza for all your generosity, inspiration and understanding.   (Oct 17-Nov 6, 2010)

To magkapatid Mars and Loui Quizon, thank you for the free ride going to Novaliches after prayer meeting or when you can drop me by.

To Maranatha Evangelist Church, thank you also for the prayers, kindness, generosity and consistently answering my questions about how I should understand certain verses in the bible.

To Pastor Jeruel Abesamis and Family, with all my heart, thank you so much. You’ve been a part of my spiritual growth and of my family as well.

To Alex Kulyk, Gladys Olano, Rhona Vistan, Jinky Caldona, Reginald Deguzman, Diana Labasan, Joanne Tordesillas, Rodel Dizon, Aileen Galimpin and Wylene Lim, my officemates. Thank you…you’re all a blessing to me.

To my friends Norman Donozo, Leizl and Lawrence Hao, thank you for the time when you visited me home when i was sick.

To my highschool friends and closest, Menchie Francia, Cherry Grace Henson, Noimie and Phillip Edillor, Jacqueline and Rommel Pajaron, Helen and Harold Ociones, Fideliz and Lemuel Ulita for being there when I needed you the most.

To my college friends, Jocelyn Rabadon, Jocelyn Deguzman, Carmel Portia Racoma, Mark Oliver Cruz, Jacqueline and Noel Gallego, Elaine Go, Millet Baldivino,  Anna Viesca Santos, Rojannie Cho and Maryann Mejia Restar for the friendship.

To Arthur Feliciano, thank you for the realizations.

To Reynato Candelaria, Jr., thank you so much! You will always have a special place in my heart because of your goodness. God bless!

To Mike Paguinto, thank you. I appreciate your goodness and help you willingly shared for my family. 🙂

To Menard Donozo, thank you for being there for my family in times of need and in good times.

To Renato Castillo and Family, thank you for being our land lord for 16years. You’ve been very understanding, kind and generous to my family especially in those difficult times. My family will forever be grateful to you.

To all our neighbors in Brgy. Sta. Monica, thank you for being a part of my growing up years. All the help and kindness are greatly appreciated.

To all my relatives who in spite of distance have prayed for me upon knowing my condition.

More to come!


  1. Tentee

    wow! sis, touched naman ako dito…special mention talaga hehehe! you’re most welcome! let’s just call it “pay it forward” i was just sharing with you what was once shared with me by a friend 🙂

    congratulations, yipee! your site’s getting better…keep it up. glad to see that you’re able to put in here so much of your gratitude for God’s infinite goodness and unconditional love. it is indeed inspiring. thanks to you too… 🙂

    i miss you guys and i miss our bonding moments so badly too…especially these days that i’m super bored.

    let’s set a date! hahaha…

  2. Kath (Post author)

    hello sis, you are most welcome sis! miss ko n rin kwentuhan natin and hope we could spend some time talk about life and love hahaha. Sure! lets set the date! 😀

  3. Ai

    awwww! im soo touched! It’s so funny because I just found this incidentally, though I’m already aware of your site *wink , was just looking for my name online when I bumped on to this … super nice post sis… im so proud of you! 🙂

    1. Kath (Post author)

      hello ai! wow tlga hehe…nice naman searchable pala :D, thank you rin sis! mwah!

  4. Noimie Edillor

    Hi Kath,

    I was so moved about your blog… I really love it. I know whoever can read this will appreciate God more. Thank you for sharing your experience. Thank you for being my friend. More blogs please. God Bless!

    1. Kath (Post author)

      hi noimie, thank you! So happy to share how God made me live valuing my life more….oo nga sana i could also inspire other people just how God inspire me 🙂

  5. Sheila F. Banta

    You do inspire your readers Kathrina!….more power..God bless you always!tc

  6. Kath (Post author)

    thank you ate love! God bless!


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